• MIU IV provides the educational component for students while they participate in daytime mental health treatment programs.  Target populations for Partial Hospitalizations are students who:

     • Require more intensive mental health treatment than outpatient services
     • Require less intensive mental health treatment than inpatient services
     • Are experiencing crises in their lives
     • Demonstrate a need for a structured transition between hospital and home/school


  • Acute Partial/Hospitalization referrals are received by Partial Hospital personnel from parents/legal guardians, mental health agencies, hospitals and students facilitating self-referrals. Mental health personnel review the referral and schedule an intake meeting with the family to discuss the admission criteria. Once students are admitted to the Partial Hospital setting, the MIU IV staff is informed. Districts provide a copy of eligible students’ IEP while providing academic work to partial classes during placement.  Both regular and special education students can be participants in Acute Partial Hospitalization settings.

    Acute Partial Hospitalization Available

    Mercer County

    Sharon Regional Health System
    740 East State Street
    Sharon, PA 16146

    Kitestrings (ages 11-13)
    Pathfinders (ages 13-18)
    Contact: 724-983-3888 ext. 5466