Tips from a Physical Therapist Week 2

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Gross Motor Skills

What are Gross Motor Skills? MOTOR FACTS:
Gross Motor Skills involve the abilities needed to control the large muscles of the body for walking, running, sitting, crawling, and other activities. The benefits of developing gross motor skills and incorporating physical activity into a young child’s day include: long-lasting good health that comes from regular physical activity, increased confidence and the improved self-esteem that comes from being able to successfully take part in games with other children, release of stress and frustration through physical activity and improved school skills.

Gross Motor Activity: (This can be done outside with sidewalk chalk)
Tape a shape on the floor: Have your child
1. Jump to a shape you name
2. Crab walk to a shape you name (triangle)
3. Bear crawl to a shape
4. slither to a shape
5. Run to a shape

Local Connections for Organized Motor Activities From
Swimming to Soccer:

Lawrence County YMCA: 724-658-4766
Y zone: 724-658-9211
Butler County YMCA: 724-287-4733
Grove City YMCA: 724-458-9781
Shenango Valley YMCA: 724-981-6950


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