MIU IV Staff Welcomes Variety's My Bike

On August 8th the IU had the great honor of hosting Variety's My Bike once more. While the entire staff watched, Charlie Laville and his team gave seven (7) lucky kids their bikes and strollers.

To date, families in Mercer, Butler, and Lawrence Counties have received over 200 pieces of equipment including bikes, strollers, and communication devices, which totals over $300,000.

Variety of Pittsburgh’s “My Bike” program grants individually customized adaptive bikes to eligible children living with disabilities empowering them to experience social belonging, joy and the freedom that comes from riding a bike.

Consistently, parents report these adaptive bikes are giving children with disabilities the opportunity to overcome social isolation, discover the potential in their lives and experience childhood milestones most of us take for granted.

For more information on how you can help, or get help,  reach out to the MIU IV at 724-458-6700.

Everyone Dr. Killmeyer loves to participate in the parade with the kids

Happy Happily driving her bike Look at that smile Happy faces  making his way around the IU love this