Melissa Wyllie - 2017 Leadership Award

  • Melissa Wyllie

    Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV (MIU IV) has presented Melissa M. Wyllie with its annual Leadership Award. Wyllie was recognized at the February 22nd board meeting for her work as Director of Special Education. 

    Melissa joined the MIU IV staff 10 years ago as the Director of Non-Public School Services before assuming the role of Director of Special Education in 2016.

    The Leadership Award, presented by MIU IV’s Labor & Management Committee, was created to recognize an individual in an executive, supervisory, or management role who fosters and promotes the vision of a regional service agency. Several employees from the MIU IV organization as well as members of the education community nominated Ms. Wyllie. 

    “Melissa is not only changing our service delivery model in several key areas, but she is bringing the same level of accountability and professionalism to the Special Education department that she had previously brought to Non-Public School Services,” said MIU IV’s Executive Director, Dr. Wayde Killmeyer.

    “When there are questions as to direction, funding, professionalism, policy, practice, or whatever, her guiding light is the effect that our decisions will have on children,” Killmeyer continued.

    “Melissa leads by example,” says Brenda Marino, Director of Human Resources. “She is constantly thinking of ways to grow, improve, and redesign the Special Education Department.” 

    “Sunday through Saturday someone somewhere is being impacted by what Melissa brings to the IU,” says Nancy Powner, Coordinator of Technology. 

    “Melissa does not back down from difficult and uncomfortable situations,’ remarks Richael Fertig, a Supervisor for Special Education at the IU. “She handles them with strength, poise, and professionalism, knowing, in the end, that this is what needs to be done for continuous growth and improvement.” 

    "I am humbled by receiving this award and am grateful to those who nominated me for this honor,” Wyllie said. “Every day I am thankful for the opportunity to work beside our dedicated and compassionate staff to serve our students, families, and districts." 

    In her role as Director of Special Education, Melissa has the ultimate authority over the Intermediate Unit Special Education Program, which services thousands of children. 

    Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV is an educational service agency that provides programs and services to the 27 school districts in Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties.  As one of 29 Intermediate Units in Pennsylvania, MIU IV implements projects administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the General Assembly, and the United States Department of Education. 

    Melissa lives in Grove City with her husband John. They have two beautiful children, Jordyn and Jake.

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