• This program provides a curriculum that includes instruction to prepare students for daily living and social integration with a focus on home-to-school collaboration through a multi-sensory approach. The instruction includes community agency involvement which takes into consideration the wide range of medical, physical and cognitive characteristics of the students. Transition to adult life is also an important component of the program.

Referral Process

  • Upon completion of the pre-referral activities, the district should gain permission to deliver the developed evaluation report and most recent IEP to the appropriate MIU IV supervisor. The supervisor should attend the meeting during which the decision to make the referral is finalized.

    The district will set the time and date to develop the IEP for the change in placement in conjunction with the MIU IV supervisor. The district will issue the invitation to the IEP meeting to all parties for the initial placement. It is the responsibility of the MIU IV program to arrange subsequent IEPs.