• MIU IV provides an itinerant level of vision support services for students who are able to participate in general education classes with adaptations/modifications, academic support, and/or consultative support.

    A resource level of vision support is available for students who require more intensive interventions. This may include a combination of general education classes and direct instruction by the vision teacher in compensatory skills and concepts [ie/braille instruction, technology instruction, visual efficiency instruction].
    Orientation and mobility services are also provided to blind or visually impaired students who need to attain systematic orientation to and safe movement within their environments in school, home, and community.

    For blind or visually impaired students in need of a more restrictive educational placement there are Approved Private School options in PA for the team to consider.

     The picture below shows Special Education Supervisor, Michelle Schwartz, leading her teachers of the visually impaired as they are preparing their caseloads to service students in Butler, Lawrence and Mercer counties.