• Act 89 was established in 1975 by the state of Pennsylvania to provide auxiliary services to students enrolled in nonprofit, nonpublic schools.  Act 89 programs are administered by Intermediate Units following regulations and procedures of the Department of Education and the Public School Code of Pennsylvania.  The amount of service a school is entitled to is governed by the PA student enrollment in that school from the prior year.

    Eligible nonpublic schools in the Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV area may choose from the following Act 89 services in the 2023-2024 school year:  

    Resource Teacher Services (Act 89 and Title I) 

    Speech and Language Services 

    School Counseling Services 

    Psychological Services

    Behavior Referrals/Behavior Coach
    Benchmark Assessments/Progress Monitoring: 


    • NWEA Reading/Reading Fluency
    • NWEA Math
    • Acadience Math
    • Acadience Reading


    Standardized Testing 

    Study Skills

    Math Madness Competition

    Technology Services