• State & Federal Liaison offers comprehensive services including the coordination of area school district contacts with the PA Legislature, the PA Department of Education and other state and federal agencies and the securing of grants available for special projects.

    Federal Programs Administration
    This service assures fiscal compliance of federal programs such as W-RAST, Adult Education, Alternative Education, Teen Parenting, Title I, Title IIA, Title IID, Title III, Title V, Safe and Drug Free Schools, the Homeless Initiative and others.

    Federal Programs Consortium
    The largest in the State, this consortium coordinates the application, administration, evaluation and fiscal responsibility for participating districts for Title I, Title IIA, Title IID, Title V, and Safe and Drug-Free Schools.

    State & Federal Legislation
    State & Federal Legislation includes meeting legislators on behalf of the school districts, receiving official legislative documents for distribution to appropriate school personnel, and maintaining communication and relationships with legislators from the local area.

    Drug-Free Schools
    The Safe and Drug-Free Schools consortium supports programs to prevent violence in and around schools; prevent the illegal use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco; and foster a safe learning environment that supports academic achievement for all 22 districts in the consortium.

    Joint Purchasing
    Joint Purchasing coordinates the purchasing of supplies and equipment for local educational agencies. Hundreds of items are put out to bid in the areas of athletics, school, paper and maintenance supplies. For example, participants saved more than 35% per carton of copier paper.

    Title I State Parent Resource Center (SPAC)
    In partnership with the PA Department of Education and the State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC), MIU IV provides free parenting and education resources for Title I parents. The center also provides parenting training workshops and awards mini-contracts to schools for parent involvement activities. Hotline: 1-800-942-8035 or <www.spac.k12.pa.us>.