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MIU IV Main Office Declares a Penny War!

  • We are raising money for a 2-year-old boy from the area. He has been diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, which is a tumor on the brain stem. His parents are doing everything they can to save him. All of the funds collected from the Penny Wars will be donated to this family. 

    1-2-3-4- WE DECLARE A PENNY WAR!!!. If you don't know what that is, well, read on...

    MIU IV's Giving Committee is sponsoring this Penny War. 7 teams have been designated. Each team has their jug for collecting money. You gain points by adding pennies and bills to your team's jug. Now here is the rub...you lower the other team's points by adding silver to their jugs.  The team with the most points wins a pizza party on behalf of the Giving Committee.

    The seven teams are:

    Captain America: Dr. Killmeyer, Donna Volpe, Alec Gawne, Dan Bishop and Sandy Seltzer.

    Wonder Woman: Brenda Marino, April Kisamore, Dan Gomola, Dianne Sederland, Patty Connolly, and Rita Ferrere.

    Storm Troopers: Jason Williams, Dave Krizner, Lois Roach, Melanie Turner, Devon Agostino, and Liz Bennett.

    Mother of Dragons: Melissa Wyllie, Cathy Cornelius, Cheryl karns, Rachel Patterson, Edna Black, Beth Emmett, and Linda Delvaux.

    Cat Woman: Lorinda Hess, Dianne McGaffic, Gail Myers, Carrie Fusco, MaryAnn Holfhelder, Greg Merkle, and Brian Grossman.

    Iron Man: Dr. David Zupsic, Crystal McFeely, Nicky McCall, Nikkie Allen, Wendy Kinnear, Bryda Drumm, and Cheryl Pilch.

    Bat Girl: Tracy Bellis, Dee Thompson, Betsy Garr, Sarah Reiber, Sarah Lutz, Sarah Fischer, Jackie McIntire, Deb Burick, Kriss Staab, Shannon Baker, and Judy Campagna.


    Melissa Wyllie, Mother of Dragons Team Captain and Traci Bellis, Bat Girl Team Captain, prepare for the PENNY WAR!

    Melissa Wyllie Mother of Dragons    Traci Bellis Bat Girl

    LET THE GAMES BEGIN. Stay tuned for updates!






MIU IV Dysphagia Team Lectures at Clarion University

  •  Clarion Group    At the podium

    The MIU IV Dysphagia team was welcomed by Clarion University on Tuesday, October 8th to guest lecture during the Graduate Level Dysphagia course in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department. These future Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) shared that they were eager to learn about pediatric dysphagia in the school setting and were unaware of the challenges that many of our students face while eating. The Dysphagia team is thankful for this great opportunity to teach our future professionals and introduce them to one of the many ways that MIU IV supports our local school districts. The Dysphagia team has already been asked to return to Clarion University for another guest lecture.   

10/9/2019: Dan Bishop: Caught in the Act

  • Dan Bishop

    Dan Bishop is caught in the act preparing the MIU IV Central Office property for the change in weather.  Dan was hired in August 2019 as MIU IV's Coordinator of Building and Grounds and has taken on several projects supporting our strategic plan. Dan shares his green thumb and displays his MIU pride -  #MIU4U

2018-2019 New Employees and Mentors

  • Marigold    On May 21, 2019, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV hosted an evening with new employees and their mentors. The theme for the night was Find Your Marigolds...

Mentor Training

  • Mentor Training, Friday, October 4, 2019

    Brenda Marino, Assistant to the Executive Director and Melissa Wyllie, Director of Special Education presented to 13 of the MIU IV employees on Friday morning.

    Brenda Marino did the role, strategies and benefits of being a mentor. 

    Melissa Wyllie did the presentation on E-colors.  Each participant took a personality assessment and they were assigned a primary and secondary color of the 4 listed. (blue/yellow/green/red).  Each color had defining strengths and potential limitations that they identified for themselves.  The presentation focused on four (4) areas:

    1. Know yourself
    2. Know others
    3. Distinguish between their personality and their character when responding
    4. Respond making a conscious choice


    Pictured below is one of the activities from this workshop. Each person participated in a survey and were given a color based on the survey answers. Four (4) participants were blindfolded and given the same directions, but based on their color, they processed the information differently.  It was amazing to watch.

    before     same directoin different outcome

    The individuals in the pictures from L-R are Patty Connolly, Director of Business Services; Katie Folsom, Early Intervention Teacher; Rachel Patterson, Secretary/Clerk; Crystal McFeely, Confidential Secretary


  • On May 22, 2019, Melissa Wyllie, Director of Special Education, Sarah Reiber, SLP/Coordinator of Dysphagia,  Amber Fassinger, Supervisor of Special Education, Liz Rearigh, Speech Therapist, and  Amy Miller, Speech Therapist, MIU IV, presented Eat to Learn...Learn to Eat to the Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV board. This was an interactive training that provided an overview of what dysphagia is, what the MIU IV Dysphagia Program does and why dysphagia interventions are necessary in the school environment. Participants were given the opportunity to experience difficulties students face when eating and drinking at school, through hands-on activities including food trials. Those present left this training with an increased awareness of how dysphagia impacts the students with whom they work as well as increased confidence in how they can better help those children learn to eat with safety and independence.

Autism Awareness Activity

  • On April 1, 2019, Melissa Wyllie, Director of Special Education, led the staff at MIU IV in an Autism Awareness Activity. Each person was given a piece of a puzzle. As we worked together to build the puzzle, we learned facts about autism that we may not have been aware of. It was a wonderful learning experience. 


  • Go-Buckets!
    Melissa Wyllie, Director of Special Education Services, and staff have been working to create Go-Buckets for our classrooms. These buckets are filled with items that can be used in an emergency situation such as a lockdown. Each bucket contains items like a first-aid kit, flashlight, batteries, water, paper, pen, garbage bags, rope, and other useful items. The bucket itself can be used as an emergency toilet.

    The New Castle Busy Beaver manager, Dave Miller, and the Grove City Busy Beaver manager, Kevin McLinden generously donated the buckets for our use. Thank you!

    Go-Bucket Busy Beaver

Christmas Doors for the Scholarship Fund

  • Congratulation Administrative Offices!

    What can be more fun than decorating for Christmas and raising funds at the same time? This is exactly what the IU has done. To raise money for the Scholarship fund there was a door decorating competition. Participants decorated a door. For 1.00 you could vote for your favorite door. You could vote as many times as you wanted to.  $236.00 dollars was raised for the Scholarship Fund. 

    The Administrative Offices won the competition with their stable theme. As you walk through the administrative offices you are greeted with happy smiling reindeer. Congratulations.

    Everyone did such a great job. There were so many creative doors to choose from. There were snowglobes, poke a tree, Grinch, Scrooge, Candyland, Elf on the Shelf, Coca-Cola, and even ugly sweater doors, just to name a few. Browse through the pictures below to see all the fun.

    Congratulations Everyone and Happy Holidays!!



Pre-K Santa Land

Christmas at the IU

  • In celebration of the holidays, the staff at the main office in Grove City dressed up like Christmas movie characters. Each department was assigned a different movie. Below are the result of this. Enjoy!

    Christmas at the IU


MIU IV Director of Business Services Receives Professional Certification

  • Patricia Connelly with Dr. Killmeyer

    MIU IV Director of Business Services Receives Professional Certification

    Patricia Connolly, Director of Business Services at Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV, has been approved for renewal status as a Pennsylvania Certified School Business Administrator (PCSBA) by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) for a period of four years effective January 2019.  Connolly has been employed by Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV since October 2015.

    In order to be granted the professional certification status by PASBO, a school business official must meet high personal, ethical, and professional standards established for the certification program. These include formal education, experience, and continuing education.  Once attained, the certification must be renewed every four years through a program of professional development.

    PASBO is the state professional association of school business officials whose responsibilities include the business and service functions of public and non-public schools.  PASBO’s purposes are to promote the highest standards of ethics and practices in school business administration and to encourage professional development and improvement of individuals engaged in school business management.  PASBO is affiliated with the Association of School Business Official International (ASBO).

    Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV is one of 29 IU's in Pennsylvania serving school districts in Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties. In addition to providing over 100 programs and services requested by area school districts, MIU IV implements projects mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the General Assembly, and the United States Department of Education.

MIU IV Welcomes Jason Williams as new Technology Director

  • MIU IV Welcomes New Director of Technology and Information Services

    Grove City, PA – September 11, 2018

    Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV is happy to announce Jason B. Williams as the new Director of Technology and Information Services. Williams has been selected after an intense search and a rigorous selection process. 

    Mr. Williams brings with him 14 years of experience in classroom instruction, educational leadership, and technology innovations. He joins the MIU IV after serving as Supervisor of Instructional Technology at the Penncrest School District in Crawford County since 2009. Prior to working at Penncrest, Williams served as the K-12 District Assistant Principal/Technology Supervisor, after 5 years as the Business Education Teacher at West Forest High School in the Forest Area School District.

    Mr. Williams earned his B.A. in Business Education from Indiana University. Williams earned his Masters of Education (Administrative Leadership), and his Superintendent Letter of Eligibility from the California University of PA. 

    “Technology is a growing and changing part of the educational landscape” said MIU IV Executive Director Dr. Wayde Killmeyer. “We're thrilled to have someone coming on board who will be a help and a resource, not only to our own organization, but to all of our school districts.”

    “I am happy to be here” said Mr. Williams. “I look forward to working with the MIU IV staff and all of the schools.”

    Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV is one of 29 IU's in Pennsylvania serving school districts in Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties. In addition to providing over 100 programs and services requested by area school districts, MIU IV implements projects mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the General Assembly, and the United States Department of Education.

National White Cane Day

  • White Cane
    National White Cane Day is October 15 and is used to celebrate the independence blind people gained in being able to travel alone. MIU IV is happy to be a part of White Cane Day. 

    Jessica Sloan, Vision, Orientation, and Mobility teacher helps to spread the word.
    ♦ Student’s in Mrs. Miller’s first-grade class at McQuistion Elementary School participated in White Cane Awareness Day in October.

    Ms. Jessica Sloan, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV’s vision, orientation, and mobility teacher, visited McQuistion to teach students about white canes and how they are used by people who are blind or have vision impairments. Ms. Sloan showed a brief video and helped students make their own white cane key chains. In addition, Ms. Lia Noel, a braille instructor, read a story to students.

    One of the students in Mrs. Miller’s class is blind. The whole class enjoyed learning about ways they can help their friend.

    ♦ "October 15th was National White Cane Day" said Jessica Sloan. "I tried to do something special for all of my kids who use canes for this day. I had my 8th grader Brandon Wingard research National White cane day and prepare a speech to give on the school announcements to educate his peers and teachers on the importance of this day."

    Below is the video he made. Please click on the picture to download and view the video.

Homeless Students Focus on Learning

  • HOmeless

    Midwestern IU IV: Homeless students focus on learning
    Students who are homeless might be living with another family, moving among hotels and shelters, or kicked out of their homes. Amid lives of instability, help with daily needs keeps them in school and focused on learning.

    “They might have a roof over their heads, but those transient people are homeless,” said Wendy Kinnear, Region 5 coordinator for the Pennsylvania Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program.

    Kinnear works from Midwestern IU IV, coordinating efforts in a state-designated, 10-county region of western and northwestern Pennsylvania. There, 2,790 students were classified as homeless in 2016-17, according to data released in 2018 by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Kinnear’s team includes site coordinators, program workers in other IUs, and homeless liaisons in every school district, assuring schools the resources to provide uninterrupted learning in each homeless child’s original school, as required by federal law.

    Homelessness can undermine education. Students lose three to six months of academic progress with every change in school district. Those who change schools frequently are likelier to become dropouts. Disruption of schooling can perpetuate the cycle of poverty by limiting students’ future earning power.

    Kinnear and her team distribute federal grants that help schools meet individual student needs, such as buying a winter coat or paying summer school fees. They train educators on awareness. Partnerships with community housing coalitions and faith organizations opens doors to emergency help, such as a bed for the night, and long-term solutions.

    Kinnear sees the difference in lives changed.
    - The high school graduate exploring community college options who would have dropped out if not for the clothing and other help he received.
    - The girl who was homeless in her junior and senior years who graduated, earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and is pursuing a career in housing and homeless services.
    - The student who was living on the street but is now going to college, thanks to help from his homeless liaison and a faith-based coalition that found him a home.

    “We know that we’re reaching a lot of these kids,” said Kinnear. “It’s an ongoing process, but we’ve made an impact. We have more kids graduating and more kids staying in school and doing better academically because of the programming we’re putting in place.”

    This story originally appeared on the PAIU site paiu.org


  • Marcy Dadich donates proceeds from craft show to Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV’s Special Education Services to be used in special needs classrooms

    Marcy Dadich, a second-grade teacher at Mercer Elementary School, Mercer Area School District, held a craft show to benefit Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV ‘s classrooms. Dadich raised a total of $3,760.00 for MIU IV. At the May Board Meeting Dr. Wayde Killmeyer, Executive Director of the MIU IV, recognized Mrs. Dadich for her generous donation.

    Marcy Dadich and her husband Tim, have 4 children: Aidan 13 years, Jonah 11 years, Carter 9 years, and Lyla 4 years old. As a toddler, Aidan was diagnosed with a Developmental Delay and received speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy through the IU. He also attended the IU preschool.

    When Carter turned 4 years old, he was diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum. He received Speech and Occupational therapies as well as attended the IU preschool. Carter still receives services through the IU today.

    “My family and I have received a great deal of help over the years to help our children be successful and reach their fullest potential. Therefore, I like to find ways to give back the help we received,” said Dadich. “Craft shows have become very popular over the years. I thought a craft show would be well received by the community. Also, a craft show was something that my children would be able to take an active part in helping with, which was very important to me.”

    “I wanted to donate all the proceeds from the craft show to a local organization that would help children the same way my family had been helped. The IU was instrumental in Carter’s current success and I wanted to give back and allow other children to have the same possibility.”

    Mrs. Dadich received a great number of donations (concession stand items, Chinese auction baskets, etc.). People also donated their time to work the concession stand and to sell tickets for the Chinese Auction. “This year’s craft show was even more successful than last year’s,” commented Dadich. “This would not have been possible without all the help from my family, friends, and the Mercer community.”

    MIU IV will be using these funds to purchase much-needed supplies for Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy (OT/PT) support in Mercer Area School District classrooms. Some of the supplies that will be purchased range from items to help a student write and draw, to specially designed equipment to assist a student in posture, stability, and fitness.

    Also on the list for help is MIU IV’s Applied Behavior Analysis Program (ABA). The funds will allow the IU to purchase Assessment Kits and Language Builder Cards, among other things.