MIU IV Social Worker Overview

  • Social Work Support Services, provided by MIU IV, are designed to support districts in addressing the needs and/or barriers of student’s preschool- 12th grade. Our MIU IV Social Worker hold a masters, PA license and Home and School Visitor certificate through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Social work services are provided at no cost to the district or family.

    Referrals to support services and agencies
    MIU IV Social Worker can provide school personnel and families information and linkages to community services and resources such as; Medical Assistance, social security, housing, WIC, mental health and behavioral health agencies and services etc.

    The social worker can serve as a liaison between school, home, and agencies to help bridge a gap between service providers. Social workers can be available to provide consultation to district staff and/or families individually or at educational and agency meeting’s. Educational meetings may include; SAP, IEP, or informal meetings. Social workers can serve as an educational representative at agency meetings which may include Value Behavioral Health ISPT meeting or Grievance Hearing for wraparound services, CASSP, etc. 

    Structured Developmental History
    Socials workers can work with a student’s family to collect a structured developmental history using the Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition (BASC-2).

    Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse Training Act 126/31
    A MIU IV social worker can provide the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance’s 3-hour training session. This training reviews the elements of child abuse including the legal definitions of a child, perpetrator, categories, and indicators of abuse. This training provides an overview of mandated reporting obligations including how to make a report, protections for those who report and the liability for failing to report. This training is approved by the PA Departments of Education, Human Services and State (Acts 126 and 31).  A participant manual is required at a cost of $3.50 from Pennsylvania’s Family Support Alliance otherwise there is no fee to have the social worker conduct the training.

    ACT 71 Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    More Than Sad: Suicide prevention education for educators and school personnel. This 2-hour program teaches educators to recognize the signs of mental health and distress in students and help refer them for help.

    QPR-Question, Persuade, Refer:
    Participants trained in QPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to get help.  2 hours. Cost is $3.50 per participant for QPR materials.