Overview of Instruction in the Home and Homebound

  • Instruction Conducted in the Home is included in the definition of special education located in the federal regulations (34 CFR §300.39(a)(i)), and is recognized as a placement option on the continuum of alternative placements for students with disabilities (34 CFR §300.115). The use of Instruction Conducted in the Home is restricted to students whose needs require full-time special education services and programs outside of the school setting for the entire day. Ordinarily, these are students who, because of a severe medical condition or mobility impairment, are unable to leave home to attend school. Instruction Conducted in the Home is a placement determined only by the decision of an individualized education program (IEP).

    Homebound Instruction describes the instruction a local educational agency (LEA) may provide when a student has been excused from compulsory attendance under 22 Pa. Code §11.25 due to temporary mental or physical illness or other urgent reasons. Homebound Instruction applies to all students –  general education students, as well as students who receive special education services. The purpose of Homebound Instruction is to keep the student on track academically while the student is temporarily out of school.  

    Homebound Instruction is not a special education placement option for students with disabilities, however, there are occasions when a student with a disability may receive homebound instruction due to a temporary excusal from compulsory attendance in the same manner as the student’s nondisabled peers.

    MIU IV can provide Instruction in the Home and Homebound Instruction for students with disabilities.  If interested please feel free to contact us and complete the Student Referral Form to your left.