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MIU IV Special Education Staff Recognition

MIU IV Special Education Department Recognition


MIU IV Thanks Jude's Jamboree!

Chloe and Mick Kisamore are the parents of Jude Kisamore. On August 16, 2021, Jude and his family attended MIU IVs Annual In-Service Opening Day and presented MIU IV's Early Intervention Program with $12,661.50 that they raised through Jude's Jamboree Ride for Autism. This incredible donation to MIU IV was used to purchase new equipment and materials for the Early Intervention Program.  This video highlights some of the materials that were purchased. Thank you to Jude and Jude's Jamboree for impacting the lives of over 180 children through your generous donation.   #miu4u   #miu4proud

MIU IV is proud to announce and recognize one of our Community-Based Vocational Training students from New Castle Area School District, Andrew Matteo. This is his first day of paid work as he is clocking in on the register. It looks like his new co-workers are almost as excited as we are!





Staff Recognition 2021

Director's Award