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Extreme Leadership Students In Action Creating Lasting Positive Change

Extreme Leadership offers students an opportunity to develop leadership skills through networking and collaborating with peers from surrounding districts, have meaningful conversations to solve problems, and work to make positive change. These Students In Action will work to create a sustainable service learning project that will work for the betterment of his/her school district and/or community.  Extreme Leadership is proud to partner with Multiplying Good, a national nonprofit that believes in the power of service to transform individuals and communities. Their FREE youth service, leadership and recognition program, Students In Action (SIA), provides middle school and high school aged youth teams with leadership training, engagement opportunities, and a prestigious platform for recognition framed around service to others, while helping young people to understand empathy, bias, and root causes, consensus building, project management, impact measurement, communication and presentation skills, and so much more!


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Stacey DeFiore

Stacey DeFiore
Secretary for Educational Services
724-458-6700 x1263