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Day of the Games


Buses are to discharge and pick up students in front of the student center. Buses SHOULD NOT block traffic by dropping off or picking up students in front of the student center. After discharging students each morning, buses are to exit the Robert A. Smith Student Center parking lot and park in the East Lake parking lot for the day, or if the lot is filled, in the Thompson Stadium parking lot.

When possible, buses are urged to sequence their departure on game day according to their district’s schedule so that districts with earlier dismissal times or farther distances to travel can leave promptly.

Private cars require a parking ticket. A parking permit can be obtained at the Slippery Rock University Security Office. The parking permits will be for the University Union or East Lake lots and will be good for only the days of the Academic Game.

Lunch, Food, and Drink

Students may bring a lunch and beverage, however, no food or drink is allowed in the playing area. All food and drink in the playing area will be removed and kept on the side until after the third round. Coordinators may wish to provide a large, clearly labeled box in which to store all food and drink items for their team. If you would like to order pizza for your teams, you can do so by calling 724-738-2740 in the SRU student union a day or so prior to each game. Additional food items may be purchased at Rocky's Cafe or Starbucks and will require preorder.

Awards Ceremony and Clean Up

Awards will be presented to individual students and teams at approximately 1:00 on games days.

Students are to sit with their teams and coordinators during the awards ceremony.

Prior to and following the Awards Ceremony, each school district will be responsible for cleaning its area and returning the chairs to the tables.