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MIU IV Academic Games League


All students in grades 3-12 are invited to compete in the Midwestern Intermediate Unit 4 Academic Games league.  The MIU 4 AGLOA league is one of 19, spanning eight states.  Local competitions, hosted by MIU4, culminate in the opportunity to compete at the AGLOA National Tournament in late spring of each year.  

This standards-aligned enrichment opportunity provides competition in the following games:  Equations, On-sets, LinguiSHTIK, Propaganda, Presidents, Theme, and Current Events.  Students are challenged to employ higher order thinking skills in the areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, and Social Studies. 




2024-2025 Schedule


Stacey DeFiore

Stacey DeFiore
Secretary for Educational Services
724-458-6700 x1263