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English as a Second Languauge (ESL) Program Specialist Certification Program


As the number of linguistically and culturally diverse students grow in Pennsylvania and across the nation, so does the critical work of preparing teachers to educate second language students. MIU IV is a Pennsylvania Department of Education approved provider for the English as a Second Language Program Specialist Certificate. ESL certification is an add-on certificate available to educators that currently possess a Pennsylvania Instructional I or Instructional II teaching certificate. The ESL certificate program is designed to enable teachers to work effectively in schools with children learning English as a Second Language. Students enrolled in the Specialist Certification Program receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) graduate level credits upon completion of each course. A letter of ESL Training Completion will be issued to each participant who successfully completes the program and demonstrates knowledge of the fundamental concepts and practice of teaching second language learners.

Key Program Features

* Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as graduate level credits

* Developed and taught by expect faculty who integrate readings, discussion boards, case study experience and communication and reflection with each course.

* Taught completely online through the MIU IV eLearning Center so it fits into your busy personal and work schedule!

Link to MIU IV eLearning Center