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Paraprofessional Development Opportunities

Paraprofessionals play important roles in improving student achievement in schools. They are responsible for reinforcing and augmenting a teacher's effort in the classroom. The paraprofessionals not only provides key support to the teacher, but especially to students with disabilities in the classroom who need instruction or assistance, as keeping with their IEP. Paraprofessionals work under the guidance of both general and special education teachers to support educational programming. They are sometimes called classroom assistants, instructional aides, teacher assistants or paraeducators.

Paraprofessionals can provide various types of support including:

  • Instructional Support
  • Behavioral Support
  • Physical and Medical Support
  • One on One Support

To bring a paraprofessional training to your school, please contact Special Education Supervisor, Richael Fertig at or use this Professional Development Request Form.


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