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Inclusion Support Services

Inclusion Support Services, provided by MIU IV, are designed to support districts in successfully including students with special needs in their regular educational setting.

Inclusion Support Teachers provide direct support, indirect support, and assistance to school personnel to plan for and implement successful inclusive practices. 

Direct Support Services Include:

  • Itinerant Emotional Support
  • Itinerant Autistic Support
  • Itinerant Life Skills Support

Direct support may involve assistance given to the student within the general education classroom or special education classroom, as well as assistance given to the student in a one-on-one or small group setting.


Indirect Support Services

Indirect support occurs outside the classroom. It may include:

  • curricular modifications
  • co-planning with the general education teacher
  • collaborative team meetings
  • assistance in developing behavior intervention plans


MIU IV can provide Inclusion Support Services to meet your needs. Feel free to contact Richael Fertig to learn more.