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Hearing Assistive Technology


MIU IV offers a continuum of services for the deaf or hearing impaired. Initially, after a referral is made, the IU conducts a comprehensive evaluation including a functional listening assessment, language assessment, classroom observation and a curriculum-based assessment.

If the student is eligible for services, IU and district staff meet with parents to determine the best program and services for the student. Services provided by the IU include: itinerant support, part- and full-time classrooms, audiological support, and classroom interpreters.

The MIU IV provides an itinerant level of hearing impaired support services for students who are able to participate in general education classes in their home district with adaptations/modifications, academic support, and/or consultative support.

Audiological support is provided by MIU IV as a related service to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


For deaf or hearing impaired students in need of a more restrictive educational placement there are Approved Private School options in PA for the team to consider.


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