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Emotional Support

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Services provide social skills instruction in areas of problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, and anger control.  SEL skills will be directly instructed in a systemic way to ensure personal awareness and self management skills, interpersonal skills and the application of these to school and community involvement.  

Curriculum Resources

Curriculum resources may include:

• MIU IV ES Curriculum

• Lion’s Quest SEL Curriculum

• Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)

• Positive Behavior Management (Tough Kids Tool Box)

• Collaborative Problem Solving Model (CPS)

• School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS)


Educational Services

Individual Education Plans are developed for all students, detailing accommodations and services that will be provided.  Progress reports are issued every nine weeks and copies are mailed to parents and the home school districts.

Academic Curriculum: The planned courses will be consistent with district graduation requirements and state standards. The classroom diagnostic tool is used to support instruction. In addition, methodologies of community-based instruction/vocational training and/or service learning are used to enhance instruction.

Academic and behavior progress monitoring will be completed on a weekly to monthly basis depending on student need.  Assessment screenings will be completed on a regular basis in order to determine the students’ level of achievement and needed instructional adjustments.  The assessment screening will be completed by a team of professional staff throughout the year who may include any of the following: teachers, supervisors, principals, school psychologists, social workers, or guidance counselors. Assessment screening tools may include:

• Aimsweb or other research-based monitoring system

• Behavior Assessment for Children (BASC)

• Social Skills Improvement System

• Deveraux Student Strengths Assessment

• Norm-Referenced and Research-Based Assessment/Rating Scale

• Diagnostic Assessment ie: Formative and Summative

Behavior Management Systems

Behavior management systems will include:

• Student Individual Behavior Management Plan (as developed in student IEP)

• Classroom management systems focused on positive behavior management

• The Board approved Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV Special Education Behavioral Management Policy 

• Three tier approach including Building Expectations, Administrative Discipline Referrals, and School-wide Expectations

Bullying Prevention Consultation Line

The Office for Safe Schools, Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), is pleased to announce the availability of PA Bullying Prevention Consultation Line.  The Bullying Prevention Consultation Line is a toll-free number that will allow individuals experiencing chronic and unresolved bullying to discuss effective strategies and available resources to deal with school-based bullying.  This supportive resource has been developed in collaboration with Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (CHPDP), and is available, at no cost, to students, parents/guardians, and school districts across the state of Pennsylvania.

Messages can be left 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be returned Monday-Friday during normal business hours.  The Consultation Line number is 1-866-716-0424.


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