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MIU IV Early Intervention Classrooms & Services

The IU has several classroom programs in each county. Other support services include assistive technology, audiology, case management, social work, physical and/or occupational therapy, parent education, family services and transportation.

Program Availability:

Early intervention services are provided following the early intervention calendar in sites throughout the three counties. Contracted and MIU IV delivery sites and the school district in which they are located can be found by going to Early Intervention Sites and Staff.

In early intervention, children and families will likely transition from one education program to another.  MIU IV is prepared to guide all team members through the transtion process.

Infant transition occurs when preschoolers change from a program provided by Department of Public Welfare to a program provided by the Department of Education.  This occurs on the child's third birthday. 

Transition into school-age programs occurs when the eligible child approaches kindergarten age. The early intervention IEP team will address this process. Transition meetings are held during the month of February between the parents, school district and MAWA agency to determine if the child is registering for kindergarten.  Representatives from the MAWA agency and school district may participate in the evaluation process. Parents must register the child by May 15, so that a program is in place at the beginning of the school year.