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Community Based Vocational Training (CBVT)


The Community-Based Vocational Program opens new doors in various vocational areas for students with special needs. For many, this is their first introduction to the world of work. Students are matched to appropriate community-based worksites for job training. Students work as volunteers one or more days a week, accompanied by a qualified staff member who remains on site. They are never left unsupervised but are encouraged to work independently. The staff member oversees the quality of all work and expands job responsibilities as students progress.  

The CBVT Instructor provides an in-depth vocational assessment for each student in consultation with the work site. Students are evaluated by their assigned staff member at their work sites regarding work readiness and work performance skills. Transportation will need to be provided by the school district. 

The goal of the CBVT program is to allow students exposure and experience in work settings that will help them make good decisions about their future employment.

  • Employment preparation through vocational exploration, assessment and training that occurs in a real work setting

  • Designed to move students with disabilities toward their goal of employment

  • Occurs in a typical work setting rather than in conventional school environments

  • Student participation is a non-paid, volunteer vocational experience

  • Students are evaluated, instructed and supervised by IU staff at real work sites in the community

  • Develop communication skills, self-advocacy skills, and employment-related social skills

  • Increase in self-awareness of career interests and abilities

  • Practice using decision-making skills


To learn more about CBVT or to request the service, click on the link below.

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