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Audiological Services

Audiological Services provides both evaluations and screening to children in Butler, Lawrence & Mercer Counties. Evaluations are provided for infants/preschool and school-age children to assist in determining the nature, severity, and educational implications of the hearing loss. Recommendations are then given to the student’s team which may include appropriate instructional strategies, environmental accommodations, and appropriate hearing assistive technology.

One of the primary roles of an Educational Audiologist is to facilitate access to listening, learning and communication for students with hearing loss in the educational setting.



 Prior to a student receiving Audiology Support/Service in the educational setting, a complete school-based Audiological evaluation should be administered. An audiological referral to MIUIV can be made by contacting your school district's Special Education Director. The assessment will assist in determining the student’s hearing sensitivity/degree of hearing loss, listening needs, and educational implications of an existing or newly identified hearing loss.

The Audiological findings and recommendations are then shared with the student’s school district as well as the student and his/her family in the form of an evaluation report or a reevaluation report. Once the report has been shared, the school district will schedule a team meeting to review the report and any recommendations.


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