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Adapted Physical Education


Adapted Physical Education (APE) is physical education that has been adapted or modified to meet the needs of the individual student. APE can take place in a variety of settings, from the general physical education class through a continuum of services and placements, including a one-to-one, student-to-teacher setting.  APE is based on assessment and is designed  to meet the identified needs of the student.  Adapted physical education develops the fundamental motor skills and patterns such as throwing, catching, walking, and running.  Being in an environment with a small group or even one on one, each student can spend the time they need to make strides in improving the basic fundamental motor skills.  The class is paced so that each student’s needs are met by the adapted physical education teacher.  

Our Adapted PE teacher can contribute to the IEP and the IEP team meeting by writing PELs and goals. He will work in collaboration with your PE teacher for agreed upon gym space and time.  Adapted PE services are available on a fee for service basis to schools within Midwestern Intermediate Unit.

Adapted PE services include

  • Direct service with students

  • Adapted PE assessment 

  • Adapted PE consultation with distinct PE teachers

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