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Programming to Create a Positive Learning Environment

  • Emergency Management

    PDE’s Office for Safe Schools (OSS) is responsible for providing training, resources, and technical assistance to school districts, charter schools and career and technical centers in their development of school emergency operation planning, implementation, and reporting.

    PDE requires expertise in the design, development, and delivery of plans for emergency management initiatives of statewide significance.  To obtain this expertise, PDE has developed a framework for engaging qualified entities with PDE cooperatively across the Commonwealth.  This framework involves the identification by the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU) of lead IU representatives and County Commissioner Association of Pennsylvania to assist PDE with respect to Emergency Operation Planning (EOP) and Violence Prevention initiatives.   Execution of this project under this framework will improve planning and build the capacity of PDE and the qualified specialists to successfully implement the initiatives.

    Positive School Climate:

    • Student Support
    • Anti-bullying
    • Suicide Prevention

    Academic & Emotional Support

    • Challenging Curriculum
    • Customized/ Personalized Learning
    • Academic Rigor


    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Management
    • Social Awareness
    • Decision Making
    • Developing & Maintaining Positive Relationships