Eduspire & MIU IV Partner to Offer Courses

  • Midwestern Intermediate IV is pleased to announce a partnership with Eduspire Inc..  Eduspire's mission is to transform teaching and learning through practical implementation and integration of contemporary technologies both inside and outside of classrooms.  Eduspire’s onsite classes are taught by leaders in technological education and we seek to support teachers and school districts as they begin or continue their journey in classroom technology integration.

    Founded in 2012,  Eduspire has grown rapidly to provide grad classes to 3,500 teachers in almost 20 IUs and 300 school districts all across Pennsylvania. Graduate credits for our courses are awarded through Brandman University.

    What are the benefits of the iPad and Chromebook courses?

    Eduspire believes…                   

    • that providing districts with “cutting edge” intensive training that — in many cases — can’t be found elsewhere, gives teachers an excellent foundation to deliver highly effective classroom instruction.
    • that the proliferation of mobile devices, such as the iPad, demand that educators be focused and current in instructional delivery and classroom management.
    • that teachers who take the iPads in Education and Chromebooks course will return to their school districts aware of the  usefulness as well as its limitations—knowledge and understanding that can shape classroom and district decisions on technology direction and application.
    • that students will benefit from lessons that incorporate technology based on best practices and which take advantage of lesson capabilities we didn’t have before to cultivate higher order thinking skills even more.

      Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV Summer 2015 Onsite Offerings

      iPads in Education EDKU 9036

      The iPad has revolutionized access to information with its portability, countless applications and ease of use.  So, how can teachers successfully integrate the iPad into the K – 12 classroom and maximize its potential? This practical course provides instruction on the device as well as strategies for effective technology integration. Course participants will come away from this course with a wealth of ideas and tools that can be implemented immediately! Participants will experience long-term growth with the device – because the iPad becomes the teacher's (or the district's) to keep after course completion. An iPad 16GB is included in the cost of the course.


      Making the Move to 21st Century Teaching (Chromebook) EDDU 906

      This course will guide participants in identifying major issues inherent in the transition from traditional instruction to 21st century teaching & learning.  Likewise, participants will begin implementing 21st century tools in the classroom.  In this edition of the course, the Chromebook Edition, special attention is given to how to teach in an environment where students have regular access to the Chromebook. A Chromebook is included in the cost of this course.