Adult Responsibility

  • Each school district must have 1 adult present for every 15 students. Please enter your job choice on the assignment section of the Registration form and alert your parents that they may be needed as monitors or scorers on tournament days. The early arriving school districts are asked to designate, at least, one of their adults as a monitor. When an insufficient number of adults volunteer for jobs, Diane McGaffic will assign job responsibilities. If you are assigned a role that you are unable to fulfill, speak with Diane on tournament day so responsibilities can be changed. On tournament day it is possible that additional and/or different assignments will need to be made because of absences.

    A school district academic games coach must accompany any student(s) to a competition especially in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    Judges are needed to assist in making matches prior to each round. Generally, when matches are made on the floor, a school district’s teams should not compete against each other, and if it is impossible to avoid this situation, then assure that team members do not oppose each other. The students should inform the judges if they have previously played against an opponent in either the first or second round or have previously played in a two-person match. Judges will jointly meet with the head judge(s) to discuss issues and questions.

    The best way to keep students safe and to encourage appropriate behavior is for adults to be visible at all times.

Academic Games Job Descriptions

  • On game days, adults/coordinators are needed to serve as monitors, Judges or scorers. Parents may also be asked to help out as needed. Nametags will be provided for all coordinators and adult helpers. All coordinators are expected to serve in one or more of the following categories.



    1. Meet with the head monitor(s) upon arrival to notify them you are available

    2. When score sheets are collected, check to determine the player initials each score sheet. If the student does not initial the score sheet, the student’s score is recorded as zero. If the scorekeeper has a question about the score sheet they should contact the score room coordinator for clarification.

    3. Compute the score for each round and record the scores on the master registration list.

    4. BE AVAILABLE to score each round when the score sheets are brought to the score room. This may mean delaying or eating lunch early.



    1. Rule on questions asked by the participants, being cautious not to “teach” during match play.

    2. Do not answer questions from students who are from the judge’s school district.

    3. Monitor play for rule infractions and inappropriate behavior.

    4. Conference with other judges, when requested and/or when another judge’s expertise or opinion is needed to reach a decision regarding a student’s question, rule infraction or inappropriate behavior.

    5. Meet with the head judge(s) five (5) minutes prior to the beginning of game play.

    6. Maintain a presence on the playing floor.



    1. Report to Halee McCance to receive an assignment.

    2. Students will be released when enough monitors have arrived to cover critical areas (restrooms, bookstore, coffee shop, lounge, Rocky's, and game room), report to assigned area.

    3. Observe students’ conduct to assure appropriate behavior.

    4. If a student behaves inappropriately, tell the student to stop that behavior and, if the seriousness of the behavior warrants, contact Diane or the student’s coordinator to discuss any further action.

    5. Restroom monitors must periodically enter the restroom to assure no vandalism has occurred.

    6. Check coatroom to assure that all belongings are retrieved following the conclusion of the games.