• Registration forms for each game will be from the MIU IV website. The dates of the games and deadlines are posted. Please abide by these deadlines.

    All students must be registered before the deadline to participate in the games.

    A team is composed of five (5) members per division. Single players may play as individuals or play on a team put together on tournament day from several school districts.

    To register for each game, the team names, player names, division, and number of individual players must be received by the deadline listed. All registered teams and individuals will have scheduled matches. Please make a personal copy of your registration for your reference by clicking the print button.

    Report any player changes to Susie as soon as you know them. Do not use a letter as a part of a team name. Susie will change the team names if they are too long, duplicate another name in the division, and/or are inappropriate. Coordinators are asked to monitor team names for appropriateness. Participants must use their assigned team name on their score sheets.

    For each game, the division registration limit will be 25 participants per division per school district. In the interest of safety, SRU recommends that we limit the number of participants to 500. If the total registration for a game is significantly less than 500 and a school district has registered the maximum participants permitted, Coordinators will be contacted to offer the opportunity to add additional teams. Additionally, if the total registration is significantly above 500 for any game, Susie will contact the school district(s) that have the highest number of registered participants and request their cooperation by reducing their number of registered participants.

    Registration for the game of equations will be limited to 20 players per division per coach in Elementary (3-4 and 5-6).

    The names of team members that were submitted will be consecutively numbered for computer entry in the order the names were listed on the Players Registration form submitted by the Coordinator. Upon arrival at the tournament, the Coordinator must report to Susie at the head table to verify and/or make any last-minute changes to team rosters.

    Nametags will be issued by MIU4 and will contain name, id number, school, team, and table assignments.

    Id numbers will be on the nametags and must be affixed to each scoresheet.

    Students must wear nametags at all times while in the Robert A. Smith Student Center for Academic Games.

    All scores will be directly entered onto the Master Division Registration list by the scorekeepers who use the id number assigned to the student. The scores recorded on the Master Division Registration list are then entered from the form into the computer; therefore, it is important that each student’s name and number on the Master Division Registration list corresponds to the computer entry.

    As in the past, teams will be formed by combining with another school district. IU staff will assign a name to combined teams, and generally the assigned name will be a combination of the teams’ school districts.

    Upon registering to participate in a competition, each coordinator should be able to access the following information on the MIU IV website. Team names with their division and letter assignment. Individual names of students WILL NOT appear on the website.


  • Cost per student will be $12.50 per game. Your school district will be invoiced by MIU IV based upon the number of students who actually participate on the day of the game.