Safety Care/Safety Mechanics Overview

  • Chapter 14 requires staff to be properly trained in positive behavior support, de-escalation strategies, and the effective and safe use of any behavior restraints. There are students who need physical intervention to prevent injury to themselves or others. Without proper training both staff and students can be harmed. Safety mechanics training techniques are designed to provide a systematic approach for evasive, defensive and responsive strategies which prevent injury to students and staff. This is a full day training with a maximum of 14-16 participants. (Larger groups can be accommodated with multiple locations and additional trainers.) Individual variations of the package can be devised to suit district specific needs.

    MIU IV offers a comprehensive Safety Mechanics Training Program.  Our highly experienced trainers can work with school district staff to safely and therapeutically deescalate situations and behaviors while keeping everyone safe.  Ed Douglass, Ken Holzer, and Bob Papa are captured in this photo training a group of Intermediate Unit staff before the school year begins. 
    To request a training, please contact Special Education Supervisor, Richael Fertig at or use this Professional Development Request Form.

Safety Care/Safety Mechanics Training

Safety Care/Safety Mechanics in action

Safety Mechanics